Farewell September 2016 and a warm welcome to October!


Farewell September 2016 and a warm welcome to October!

Posted on 03 October 2016

Farewell September 2016 and a warm welcome to October [we hope].

If anyone has any good news it'd be great to hear it!


Technology is continually changing and evolving - recruiters and employers seem to always look for something different in resumes, and it often isn't pretty pictures.  As a recruiter who has read over 500,000 resumes [it seems like more] this is what I like.  If you know someone looking for work pass this on - click here for full story


Do you have a friend looking for career guidance? There are businesses specialising in career guidance and employee support that aren't totally focused on outplacement or recruitment.  We introduce you to Ruby Lee.


Job vacancies are still in short supply, many wonderful people are looking for jobs, employers want the perfect fit.  There are abundant 'stand out' candidates in Insurance, Construction, Accounting and Administration.  Ring or email to check on availability for your specific needs.


Is managing and administering your own recruitment project as cost effective as you think?  It takes 5 minutes to make the calculations on this spreadsheet.  


Your neighbour asks you to help out their friend with some casual work to keep the wolves from the door; now the big decision is what to pay them?  Use this simple spreadsheet.


Who said everyone or every suburb is equal?  Unemployment by location


SEEK uses their numbers to conclude 'things' are getting better, or are they? 

Remember - we are here to help take your recruitment workload off you.

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