Jobs by State & Sector


Jobs by State & Sector

Posted on 16 January 2017


Australian job vacancies currently sit at a five-year high, according to the ABS, rising by 7.3% to 181,000 over the past 12 months.  For all of us in WA this is obviously not the case.  

Along with a solid increase in the ANZ job ads series over the past year, it points to the likelihood that employment growth will continue to grow modestly in the period ahead.

But where are they located, and which industries have seen vacancy levels increase?

From the Business Insider site below is some data provided byMichael Workman, senior economist at the Commonwealth Bank, with the answers.

The graph shows the number of vacancies by state


Michael Workman, senior economist at the Commonwealth Bank, with his crystal ball sees a glimmer of light for the Western Australia labour market due to a rebound in commodity prices stating 

“Western Australia vacancies are stabilising which is positive for employment growth by mid-year,” he says. “Higher iron ore, nickel and gold prices will help lift employment in those areas over the coming year.”

If you are interested in exactly which sectors contain jobs then the graph below will be enlighting.  I assume Cult is short for Culture?


Source: CBA

And this one shows the trend in employment growth over the past decade among the largest employing sectors in the country.

Source: CBA

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