February Newsletter - Jobs by Sector/State; Comparative Wage Growth vs Unemployment. Outstanding candidates

02 Feb 17:00 by Catherine Lanigan


This month we are focusing on getting great people great jobs with you; plus providing some helpful information.


Where the jobs by State & Sector. 


The 15 year seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is fascinating - not so the comparative wages growth 


If you are looking for Insurance brokers [across all levels] with a flair for business development and/or keeping your current clients serviced this is a small section available at time of writing


There is also small selection of the many Construction and Accounting staff we have available.  The economy has given you an opportunity to snaffle someone who'd not normally be looking. 


Our hearts go out to all those new graduates who can't find jobs.   If you can help with some work experience they’d greatly appreciate it. We’ve included a couple in the Construction staff list; and there are many many more available across all sectors.


Is there anything out there that will give us a chuckle - yes to my favourite interview question answer this month! 


And to finish, plus hopefully keep us all positive Perth isn't total about mining or building, we also have some world class innovators:-


A3d  Aurora Labs equipment printing

Resonance Health Limited 

Phylogica Limited  

AnaeCo Limited 




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