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About Implicor

Implicor Human Resources have been servicing the recruitment needs of Perth since 1991.

Way back then, our company operated under a different name: Lanigan Wilson & Co.

In 1997, the name changed to Implicor, and our company continued to grow a well-regarded reputation as a service provider amongst a variety of different industries; primarily Insurance, Construction, Manufacturing encompassing their Management, Accounting, Operational, Administration, Business Development recruitment needs.

From our inception, Implicor Human Resources has been on a mission to work closely with employers and candidates to seek meaningful, consistent results. Our aim is to place the right person in the right position 100% of the time.

Our 99% success for placements speaks volumes on the trust put in us, and the hard work we put into each recruitment.

All participants in the recruitment process receives transparent feedback. Every person deserves honesty and encouragement.

Read what our candidates and clients say about us.

Catherine Lanigan - Director

Meet Catherine

Hi, I'm Catherine Lanigan and I'm the brain power, business-minded owner and dedicated director here at Implicor Human Resources.

My career is filled with experience that has been, and continues to be wide-reaching and worthwhile. It's my pleased to deliver fast, efficient and highly effective recruitment solutions to each and every clients who trusts in Implicor.

My family and colleagues call me a workaholic, as you can often find me at my work desk 7 days a week. My work brings me joy and I do what I do, when I do it, because I want to - not because I have to.

My interests include good food, fine wine and keeping fit. I'm also a big lover of all animals, big, small and in-between. My husband I decided our life needed cats and well, three kooky Bengal kitties, our later, our home is full love love, laughs and some fur.

An Advocate for others.

My Meyer Briggs personality type is INFJ, which is otherwise known as the Advocate and Diplomat.

As an Advocate, I bring both passion and focus to my own life and others around me. Us introverted yet intuitive folk, are regarded as genuine carers, making and meeting real goals to make a positive impact.

We may be more on the quiet and thoughtful side, but our constant strive for peace happiness and meaningful connections with those around is incredibly sincere.

In my career, my hard working yet sensitive tendences have seen me sway towards work that improves the lives of others. So, recruitment was really a no-brainer for someone like me. Believe me when I say helping people, from candidates to employers achieve what they're looking for, is why I do what I do.