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Our Process


  • When a job is logged the first thing we do is check the brief/job description for balanced job design and salary is within market range

  • Adverts are posted and searches commenced

  • All candidate applications are 'parsed' into our Recruitment Management software.  Candidate details such as name, address, phone number, work history, skills are populated into the their own record; along with the answers to the prescreen questions.  

  • Every application is acknowledged.

  • Candidates who meet the client imposed criteria are contacted and phone interviewed.  If they still continue to meet the criteria we email a copy of the brief to them and forward their resume to the client.

  • At this critical stage we then arrange to interview via interviewstream, saving candidates the time usually spent to travel to the office, and saving the clients valuable waiting time.  Interviewing in this manner shaves days off the recruitment process.  All candidates are interviewed in the same manner to ensure consistency and fairness.

  • Keeping candidates and clients informed is invaluable.  As shortlisting occurs we thank via email those that no longer meet the criteria for their time and effort.  At the end of every week we Endeavour to provide updates to candidates who are still progressing through the process.

  • Where testing is required this too is carried out online.

  • Once a candidate progresses to a client interview they are debriefed and this information is provided to the client. It saves everyone time by only considering those who are interested in the job.

  • References are a special part of the recruitment process.  These are carried out via email.  As a candidates enters this stage they will be advised that reference checking is commencing and asked to contact their referees seeking their cooperation.

  • It is part of Implicors service to communicate offers of employment and thank unsuccessful candidates. On the majority of recruits we are not contracted to provide personalised feedback.

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