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Our Process

Recruitment made easy - Achieving win-win scenarios for over 30 years.

Implicor exists to make the recruitment process as smooth and simplified as can be.

Interested to see how we achieve win-win recruitment scenarios?

Essentially, it comes down to over 30 years experience, a dedication to professionalism, honesty and utilising the latest technology to find the right fit.

The Implicor Recruitment Process.
Get in touch.

It starts with the initial contact. We, we get to know the client [that's you] and your goals. If you've an employer, we learn all about your company and who would be the ideal, right fit. If instead, you're a prospective job seeker [candidate], we request a resume and then seek out existing positions that are tailored to your unique skillset.

Job brief breakdown.

When a job is logged we go over the brief/job description with a fine tooth comb. We've looking for a balanced job design and a salary that is realistically within market rang.

Launch time.

From the expectly written job adverts are posted and the search for the perfect candidate commences!

Contacting Candidates.

Candidates who meet the job criteria are contacted and phone interview is undertaken. If successful with the phone interview a copy of hte brief is emailed to the candidate, nad their resume is forwarded to the employer with their permission.

This is what we like to refer to as the 'critical stage'. Here a live video interview is conducted to save time on travel and waiting. Did you know this takes on average, several days off the recruitment process? We obtain proof of qualifications and identity. To ensure consistency and fairness, all candidates are interview in the same manner.

Shortlisting, testing and acknowledgements.

After this, shortlisting occurs. We take the time to thank unsuccessful candidates for their time and effort, and endeavour to update candidates whose application is progressing to the next stage. If testing is required, we can coordinate this on the clients behalf. In most cases testing is carried out online.

Coordinating client interviews and interview debriefing.

We coordinate client and candidate interviews. Emailing confirmation of all details.

Candidates are encourage to call after the interview so we may debrief them. The debrief report is then sent to the clients.

Reference checking & offers.

If a client wishes to offer a candidate, we then encourage them to contact their referees. We than carry out reference checks personally.


If all the boxes are ticked and Implicor and most importantly the employer are happy we inform the candidates of their success, plus carry out any negotiations.

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