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Candidate Recruitment Conditions and Terms

Recruitment Process Conditions.

These conditions are intended for the named recipient only and are to be read in conjunction with Implicor's terms of business and privacy policy.

By agreeing to participate in the recruitment process, including any recorded video pre-screen, you hereby certificate that:-

  • Any and all information provided to you by Implicor, its clients or agents, will remain private and confidential.

  • You will not, without the authority of Implicor, its clients or agents, disclose or make use of any information provided to you other than to seek specific advice with respect to potential employment with a client.

  • Any information provided by you to Implicor, will be used by Implicor for and on behalf of its clients and will form the basis of any personnel record and/or employment record.

You confirm that:-

  • You have no criminal convictions and/or action pending; but if so you will provide details to Implicor so that an evaluation can be made as to its pertinence to the role for which you are or may apply to.

  • You are willing to undertake a pre-employment medical examination, including a drug and alcohol test if required by any future employer.

  • Any information you provide to Implicor is true and correct, and that should any information you provide to us be found to be untrue, it may jeopardise your potential or existing employment, as your future or current employer may rely on the information you provided when making a decision to offer you employment, and as such provide said employer with grounds to cease your employment.

  • Permission has been granted by you to us, to approach any of your previous employers in order to gather information regarding your employment with them. Further you accept that this information may be passed on to potential employers.

  • You understand that Implicor will only grant you access to your record, if you make a request in writing and that in granting such access, Implicor does not prejudice any third party.

  • You understand that Implicor will take all reasonable steps required to maintain the accuracy of your record, but it is your responsibility to keep us informed of any changes to your details.

  • You understand that once Implicor has introduced you to a client [including any entity connected with that client] as part of the recruitment process, and that you accept any offer of employment, regardless of who makes that offer, a fee will be payable to us by that client and that you owe a duty of care to Implicor to keep us informed throughout the recruitment process.

  • You understand that once you have been offered and accepted employment with any client on a permanent basis, that you cannot participate in any recruitment process managed by Implicor for up to 12 months from the date of your commencement with the client; unless [a] you have resigned from that client or that [b] the client has given you permission to participate and/or [c] the client has substantially changed the role or environment for which you were originally employed.

  • All documents and details provided by you will remain the property of Implicor and will not be returned to you; however please notify us in writing if you wish you record archived.

  • Implicor complies with the Employment Agents Act. Any requests for destruction of records will if they comply with the Act. Please notify us in writing if you wish your records destroyed quoting the relevant clause.