Video Interview - preparation is the key to a FABULOUS performance

22 Jun 16:00 by Catherine Lanigan


Stating the obvious – it is important to have everything prepared.


If you are using a device, ensure you’ve downloaded the correct ‘app’.  For Implicor this is Zoom.  It is available free from your app store.


Then check your video and audio are working.


Position your webcam/video at eye-level approximately a metre and a half away from you.


A little personal grooming will go a long way, neat dress, hair combed etc.


The primary light [which will be the light you are looking at and could be light from outside or from another light source] should be the brightest in the room.  Don’t use the monitor as your only light source.  Make sure there is no glare on your monitor.


Think about your background. Position yourself against a wall with neutral colours [avoid open wardrobes, tacky posters/pictures, messing shelving.  Turn off all appliances or devices that cause ambient noise.  Put the kids and animals in another room.


Your interviewer will guide you at the commencement of the interview.