Why all the secrecy?


Why all the secrecy?

Posted on 16 November 2016

You’ve applied for a job and it is frustrating that you aren’t able to find out who it is with immediately.  You are told by the agency they can disclose this information to shortlisted candidates only. 


You’d like to spend 20 minutes having a chat about the job; though the recruiter seems time poor and can often only reiterate the information in the advert.   Again you thinks this is totally frustrating and very unfair.


On the other side of the coin there are so so so many reasons for the situation which include:-


      The information in the advert is all that is available for public disclosure.

      The recruiters often have a deadline within which to shortlist candidates.

      There may be someone in the job who doesn’t know they are leaving yet.

      There may be someone in the job but their departure hasn’t been shared with the other staff yet.

      There may be a restructure planned that hasn’t been shared with all stakeholders.

      It may be a new job that the employer wants recruited before being announced to staff and clients for strategy reasons.

      The employer doesn’t want to field approaches from candidates.

      The agency doesn’t want candidates, they may or may not reject, by-passing them and approaching the client.

      The agency doesn’t want candidates who they may not want to shortlist by passing them and approaching the client; this            may affect their ability to charge for the service they provide.


Privacy legislation provides levels of protection against unauthorised release of your details.  Keep a list of the jobs you apply for – both agency and employer based.  Click here to access and download a job tracker.

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