What is your top interview prep tip?


What is your top interview prep tip?

Posted on 14 September 2019

Do you have a special tip for preparing for an interview?

Here are a few responses from Muse readers on how they pump themselves up (and calm themselves down) pre-interview:

Prepare, But Laugh
“I prepare like crazy leading up to the interview. The day of, I get to the location 30 minutes early then find a place to watch The Office or Parks & Rec bloopers, usually in my car or a bench a block or so away from the interview.”

Jeff Van Schaik, government affairs


“I blast Lizzo and dance in the mirror.”

Lauren Kronisch, dietitian coordinator

Reach Out

“I call my mom.”

Kathryn Sinkus, social media manager

Center Your Mind

“I do a meditation through [a meditation] app! It has some sessions specifically targeted toward interviews that are only a few minutes long. It reminds me to focus on my breathing and to trust my instincts.” 

Sarah Faulkner, museum professional

Get Silly

“Before I leave the house, I stand in front of the mirror in a 'superman' pose: Feet wide, hands on my hips, chin up, steely eyes. It's silly enough to take the edge off.”

Mike Tambone, marketing consultant

Have a Multi-Step Approach

“A great outfit is a must, and I review my notes. Right before the interview, I pop on a great pump-up song (mine is Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’), take deep breaths, say positive ‘I am’ statements out loud (i.e., ‘I am prepared’ or ‘I am so grateful for this opportunity’), grab a last look in the mirror, then it’s go time! I always walk into an interview smiling, it helps set my energy, is an instant confidence booster, and helps me look excited for the opportunity to interview.”

—Emily Clark, front line art manager

What is your special tip?

Source 'The Muse'
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