Reality Check Ahead


Reality Check Ahead

Posted on 14 October 2019

SEEK put the question to candidates to find out whether they’re willing to distort facts on their resume, and how.


The results are out - 71% of candidates admit to not being entirely honest in their applications.  Ranging from mild embellishments to downright serious false claims.


Research carried out by SEEK indicates candidates are more likely to stretch the truth in smaller ways such as workplace responsibilities rather than blatant lying about a job they’ve had.


SEEKS research exposes the FIVE TOP WAYS candidates stretch the truth:-


1 – Said they are interested in certain things that they aren’t  [47% male, 43% female)


2 – Responsibilities that they’ve had (39% male, 31% female)


3 – Used referees that are friends; but never worked with them (35% male, 29% female)


4 – Distorted years of experience (30% male, 21% female)


5 – Number of people they’ve managed (29% male, 16% female)

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