Is your resume ready for Artificial Intelligence


Is your resume ready for Artificial Intelligence

Posted on 09 April 2018

Applicant Tracking Software/CRMs "ATS"  are used by a large percentage of recruiters and employers to administer the recruitment process.  It enables the capture of relevant data to assist with quick shortlisting, acknowledgement and to thank candidates for their interest.   The ATS are linked via the job boards and corporate websites to the adverts so your resume makes its way straight into the ATS.   The process is called 'parsing'.  The recruiter then gets notified that you have applied.  


Efficiency is imperative when handling large or small responses.


The ATS software have sophisticated OCR capabilities that embed the following into searchable fields -



Phone number

Email address

Address [street, suburb, state, postcode - for proximity searching reasons]

Work  history


Keywords for software, skills, knowledge etc.

Attach any covering letters and certificates to your record.


For the data to be extracted accurately it needs to be 'easily read'.  If the data is encapsulated in tables or columns, following an embedded picture or header, or is in a protected word doc or picture pdf,  then the accuracy drops considerably.


Many employers/recruiters also delve back into their recently registered candidates for future roles.  It helps you to be ranked at the top of search lists for appropriate future roles if the pertinent information has been extracted accurately.


Use the above as as checklist.


Follow this link to a simple resume that helps you beat the manual process and win the race to the top of a shortlist.



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